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WALTER is a benefit corporation that proudly helps organizations and individuals in New York City to safely and responsibly dispose of their used electronics while providing job opportunities for people facing persistent barriers to employment.

Comprehensive, secure, and impactful electronics recycling

Responsible Recycling

We offer zero landfill recycling services meeting the highest environmental standards. With WALTER you minimize your environmental impact while ensuring your compliance with all state and federal regulations.

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Data Security

We ensure that all your sensitive data is protected by closely monitoring all the items we handle and storing them securely in our facility. We offer a variety of data destruction methods including hard drive destruction at your place of work.

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Environmental & Social Impact

By working with WALTER you are not only making a positive environmental impact. You are also helping provide real career opportunities to people who face persistent barriers to employment.


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What We Recycle

Computers and Mobile Devices

Laptop & desktop computers, cell phones, tablets, e-readers & accessories

Networking Equipment

Servers, switches & routers, modems, hubs  etc.

A/V Equipment and Displays

TVs, monitors stereos,game consoles projectors, DVD players, digital cameras etc.

And many other things!

Printers, scanners, circuit boards, processors, wires, hard drives etc.

Did You Know?

E-waste is the fastest growing waste stream in the world and accounts for two thirds of heavy metals in US landfills. Yet only a fraction of e-waste is recycled at all and much of what is, is processed in developing countries with lax environmental standards. With WALTER, all your e-waste is always securely handled, processed responsibly, and never landfilled.

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