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Our Mission

WALTER is dedicated to providing the highest quality electronics recycling services to its customers including quick and easy to schedule pickups, secure handling of sensitive materials, and optimizing environmental impact. As a social enterprise, WALTER also provides job opportunities for people facing persistent barriers to employment.

Our Vision

As a Public Benefit Corporation, WALTER's mission is to develop an innovative model of employment to young adults facing barriers to employment. Our earth-friendly and human-centered enterprise operates where economic, social, and environmental justice intersect and implements lasting solutions to address them.

Our Roots

The idea for WALTER came from running ATD Fourth World’s Story Garden in Brownsville for many years. Many of the youth who grow up with the Story Garden have great energy and entrepreneurial aspirations but few opportunities for stable and meaningful work once they get older. WALTER seeks to address the needs of these young adults by providing them with the skills, increased financial security, and a sense of community so they can thrive. WALTER was developed as a social business so that it would be self-sufficient and not rely on nonprofit grant cycles. This corporate structure was also chosen so that those who join WALTER can be part of co-creating and growing a vibrant, mission-driven enterprise which gives pride and agency.

Our Partners

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