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 WALT Electronics Recycling

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WALTER is a social business that proudly helps organizations and individuals in New York City to safely and responsibly dispose of their used electronics while creating sustainable livelihoods for Brownsville residents

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By working with WALTER you:

  • Safely and responsibly dispose of your e-waste

  • Help create jobs in your local community

  • Can measure your environmental impact

Our Services

Convenient, socially and environmentally responsible e-waste disposal

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Easy On site Pick Up

We work with businesses, non-profits and government agencies offering quick and easy onsite pick ups


 Drop Off

Free drop offs at our facility located at  138 Hinsdale st. in Brooklyn is available Monday to Friday from 9:00AM to 5PM.

Data Destruction

We ensure that all your sensitive data is protected by offering hard drive destruction at your place of of work. We closely monitor and securing all items that we handle.  Certificates are available for all data destruction performed at our facility

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Environmental Impact Report

We provide each organization we work with an environmental impact report so you can measure the positive impact you have by recycling your e-waste

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Our Mission

WALTER is dedicated to providing the highest quality electronics recycling services to its customers including quick and easy to schedule pick ups, secure handling of sensitive materials and optimizing  our environmental impact. As a social business, we provide employment, mentorship and training opportunities to Brownsville youth who have limited access to economic opportunities. By working with WALTER you have a positive impact on your local community and the environment, thank you !

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172 1st Ave, New York, NY 10009, USA

(212) 228-1339

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