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Drop Off

Our Location

138 Hinsdale St., Brooklyn, NY 11207


Dropping off at our location

WALTER is an officially designated DSNY E-waste drop off site. If you would like to drop off items for recycling at our warehouse located at 138 Hinsdale St in Brooklyn, you are welcome to do so Monday to Friday 10AM to 4PM.

You can park right in front of our warehouse and our friendly staff can help you unload your items and

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to call 347 854 9623 or


Hours of Operation

Monday to Friday

E-waste drop off hours: 10AM to 4PM


WALTER warehouse


Where are you located? 138 Hinsdale Street Brooklyn, NY 11207

When can I bring my items? Monday to Friday 10AM to 4PM

What can I bring? See list of items we accept and don’t on our recycling page. There is no limit to how much can be brought (the more the better!), but if you have a large number of items it’s best to call ahead.

Is there a cost? We recycle all electronics for free except A/V equipment, TVs and printers which have a minimum $10 charge per unit. We accept cash, major credit & debit cards and Venmo.

Can you help unload my items? Yes! Just call us at 347 854 9623 and someone will come help unload.

What happens to items I drop off? Items are either refurbished and sold, sold for parts or dismantled and sold as scrap. We only work with R2 certified downstream partners ensuring all electronics are processed in an environmentally sound manner.

What about my data? All data containing devices are either erased or physically destroyed. If you would like a certificate of destruction, it can be provided for a $10 fee.

Can you pick up? Yes we do pick ups, but a pick up fee applies which varies based on your location. Please fill out the “schedule a pick up" form or call 347 854 9623 for more information.

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